Welcome First Responders & Bad Monkeys

Our drinks are renowned. Our bartenders are world class and the customer service goes unparalleled. We are the best bar on the strip hands down. I don’t mean to sound cocky, but it’s the truth. I’d rather be honest than humble when it comes to you having the best possible time.

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The party never stops at the Bad Monkey! Gather all your jackets and call all of your friends. Tonight is the night you bring out your inner monkey. If you want to impress everyone, book the upstairs and throw a surprise event for all of your friends!

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Our bar was forged from the depths of awesome. We have a plane crashing through the wall… Maybe not a real plane, but still, it’s huge. Our beer taps are bullet casings, we have TWO bars so there’s always some where to sit. You can even rent your very own tap!

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